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Love numerology

Love numerology is all about checking the compatibility of two people who want to enter into a relationship or are into a relationship. Love numerology has become very popular nowadays because of the increase in the number of broken marriages. Broken marriages result in distress among everybody specially children. People wish to take every possible step to have a happy and harmonious relationship with their spouse.

Love numerology uses a personal number which is assigned to every person (from one to nine). This personal number is generally calculated on the basis of the date of birth or the name of the person. It is the sum of digits of date of birth or the sum of the position of the alphabets in the series. Every number is associated and denotes a particular set of qualities and traits. And a person ruled by a particular number is compatible only with a person having similar qualities. Numbers like eight and nine are stark opposites, as eight denotes an organized and efficient person and nine signifies emotional, imaginative and creative person. Therefore people ruled by number eight and number nine are not at all compatible and they are advised by numerologists to enter into a relationship. For incompatible partners love numerology provides some solace because compatibility can be increases by changing the ruling number this in turn can be done by inserting an alphabet in the name and changing it so as to suit the date of birth. So to some extent love numerology can help improve relationships and prevent broken marriages.

If one needs help to find a compatible partner or to check the compatibility with their spouse love numerology proves to be very effective. Like astrology and horoscopes this is also very efficient. Love numerology is not very complicated and does not require much pain to be taken.


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