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Partner compatibility by numerology

These days more and more people are opting for numerology love compatibility. With increase in the number of failed relationships, people are in a need of some method that helps them find the right partner for them. A failed relationship can ruin anyone’s life, so everyone wants to take every possible step to find a compatible partner. This is where numerology comes into play. Just like astrology and birth signs, numerology also is a very effective tool to know your compatibility with the person you have decided to enter into a life long relationship with.

Numerology works by assigning a number (numerical value from 1-9) to your name and date of birth. This personal number is generally the sum of digits of the date of birth or the value assigned to alphabets of the name. Then a particular number is assigned to the name and date of birth of your partner. Every number signifies a particular set of human qualities and traits. For example the number 4 signifies practical, traditional, conservative, organized and the number 9 signifies emotional, imaginative, creative and benevolent. People having these two numbers assigned according to their names and date of birth, respectively are least compatible because of the opposite nature of qualities they have. On the other hand, the number 8 which signifies organized, efficient and stern has a natural compatibility with number 4 because of the similar qualities.

Apart from this, numerology also helps in increasing compatibility between two people. This is done by either inserting a letter in the name of a person or changing the name altogether to some name which suits the date of birth of the person. This is also quite common these days from individual problems to problems in relationships numerology is proving to provide a very efficient solution.


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